<aside> 💡 The list below includes many talks, lectures, and seminars by Manuel Lima since 2005. Last update: ✔️January 2024



🇺🇸 Tree of Life Symposium, University of Connecticut. The Book of Trees.

🇵🇹 Data Summit, NOVA University, Lisbon, Portugal. The New Designer.

🇺🇸 eLCAd 2023 Symposium, The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment.

🇺🇸 Data2Speak, Eurasian DataViz Conference, Online.

🇮🇱 ISVIS, Tel Aviv, Israel. The New Designer.

🇳🇱 GRAPHIC HUNTERS, Ultrech, Netherlands. The New Designer.

🇵🇹 WUD (World Usability Day), Tangível, Lisbon, Portugal. The New Designer.

🇵🇹 FBAUL, Lisbon, Portugal. The New Designer.

🇨🇦 Northumberland Learning Connection, Ontario, Canada. The Book of Trees.

🇮🇪 This is HCD Podcast with Gerry Scullion. Interview.

🇺🇸 Design Lab Podcast with Bon Ku. Interview.

🇺🇸 Design Observer Podcast. “Design as Complexity” panel discussion.

🇺🇸 "Conversations LIVE!" with Cyrus Webb, Blog Talk Radio. Interview.

🇺🇸 Ed Brenegar Podcast. Interview.

🇺🇸 Bob Kozma Podcast. Interview.

🇺🇸 The Eddrick Show Podcast. Interview.

🇺🇸 Women, Life and Science podcast. Interview.